The webapp maintains a list of platforms.

digraph G { rankdir=LR; splines=lines; subgraph webapp { rank=same; topcrashers [shape=tab, label="topcrashers report"]; supersearch [shape=tab, label="supersearch"]; } adminpage [shape=tab, label="admin"]; model [shape=box3d, label="crashstats_platform"]; adminpage -> model [label="produces"]; model -> topcrashers [label="uses"]; model -> supersearch [label="uses"]; }


The data is stored in the crashstats.Platform Django model. This is the crashstats_platform table in PostgreSQL.

Where the data comes from

Data is added by data migrations. In the local development environment, there’s a fixture.

What uses this data

Pages in the webapp that use this data:

  • supersearch

  • topcrashers report