Telemetry (telemetry.socorro_crash)

Socorro exports specific crash report data to Telemetry. This data is in the telemetry.socorro_crash data set.

Querying telemetry.socorro_crash data

Please see the telemetry.socorro_crash documentation.

Adding fields to telemetry.socorro_crash

File a bug to add new fields to telemetry.socorro_crash.

If the crash report annotations and haven’t been documented, then we may ask you to document them before we proceed. See Crash Annotations for details.

Things to know

  1. The data in telemetry.socorro_crash comes from the first time a crash report is processed. If a crash report is re-processed, the changes will not be reflected in telemetry.socorro_crash.

  2. Fields can only be added to telemetry.socorro_crash–they can’t be changed.

  3. Only fields that contain non-sensitive data can be added to the schema.

  4. When new fields are added, data cannot be backfilled.

  5. If the crash report annotation value doesn’t conform to the schema, it will either get dropped or result in the entire crash report getting dropped.

  6. Crash report data is ingested into Telemetry in a batch job that runs once a day. The telemetry.socorro_crash data set lags behind what you see on Crash Stats website.