6. Top Crashers By Signature

6.1. Introduction

Topcrashers By Signature compiles the 14 days’ worth of crash reports (organized by signature) for a given version. This report is useful for finding new topcrashes, determining if topcrashes have been filed, and seeing trending of topcrashes over time (for a specific version).

6.2. Details

For the ideal topcrashers by signature report, we want to gather the following data:

  • crashes by version (e.g., Firefox 3.0.9)
  • date a crash occurred (to know if it’s within our window)
  • stack signature
  • average uptime (since last browser start) averaged over window
  • bug numbers related to crash signature

Additionally, we need the ability to either a) go back in time or b) “freeze” the topcrashers by signature report on a specific day. This allows us to compare, say, the last day of a release to the newest release (e.g., Firefox 3.0.8 to Firefox 3.0.9). Without the ability to go back to a specific day of topcrash reports or freeze topcrash reports, we have no easy ability to compare releases (as new crashes come in for old releases, the topcrash list changes substantially).

Ideal Outputs

FIXME: to be filled

See SocorroUIInstallation for additional details.

6.3. Operations

  • Need a recalculation every 4 to 6 hours
  • Need top 500 signatures, ranked over last 14 days
  • Note that this implies for the database that each slice is aggregated from the full window (which slides forward each time)