4. Troubleshooting

4.1. Socorro Troubleshooting

journalctl is a good place to look for Socorro logs, especially if services are not starting up or are crashing.

Socorro supports syslog and raven for application-level logging of all services (including web services).

4.2. Crash-Stats Troubleshooting

If web services are not starting up, /var/log/nginx/ is a good place to look.

4.3. Crash-Stats

If you are not able to log in to the crash-stats UI, try hitting http://crash-stats/_debug_login

If you are having problems with crontabber jobs, this page shows you the state of the dependencies: http://crash-stats/crontabber-state/

If you’re seeing “Internal Server Error”, you can get Django to send you email with stack traces by adding this to /data/socorro/webapp-django/crashstats/settings/base.py:

# Recipients of traceback emails and other notifications.
    ('Your Name', 'your_email@domain.com'),