3. How to pack and upload symbols

3.1. How to pack the symbols archive files

The minidump processor uses the binary filename (of the executable or shared library) along with a debug ID (which is a GUID with one additional character) to locate symbol files for each module in a minidump. Breakpad symbol files as produced by the dump_syms tool contain all the information needed to create the proper file paths in the first line of the file.

As a concrete example, if you run dump_syms on a single binary named test:

$ dump_syms ./test > test.sym
$ head -n1 test.sym
MODULE Linux x86_64 88886647D0C07CCA8B370069D9DF6F850 test
$ mkdir -p symbols/test/88886647D0C07CCA8B370069D9DF6F850
$ mv test.sym symbols/test/88886647D0C07CCA8B370069D9DF6F850
$ find symbols -type f
$ (cd symbols; zip -r9 ../symbols.zip *)
  adding: test/ (stored 0%)
  adding: test/88886647D0C07CCA8B370069D9DF6F850/ (stored 0%)
  adding: test/88886647D0C07CCA8B370069D9DF6F850/test.sym (deflated 71%)
$ unzip -l symbols.zip
Archive:  symbols.zip
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
        0  2015-08-18 07:10   test/
        0  2015-08-18 07:10   test/88886647D0C07CCA8B370069D9DF6F850/
     1056  2015-08-18 07:09   test/88886647D0C07CCA8B370069D9DF6F850/test.sym
---------                     -------
     1056                     3 files

The filename here is test, and the debug ID is the GUID shown. The contents of the symbols directory can be zipped up as shown and will work properly to symbolicate crash reports.

There are a simple set of scripts available for generating and uploading symbol zip files in the proper format. You may also be interested in symbolstore.py, which is what official Firefox builds use to package their symbols.

3.2. How to upload

First, you need to have an account on crash-stats with which you have the Upload Symbols Files permission.

Once you have that, visit https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/symbols/ and there will be two links presented there.

One to do a regular web file upload in the browser.

And one that takes you to the documentation about how to do uploads using the API. That link will have links to where you can set up API tokens.