11. Processor


We’re in the process of extracting the processor out of Socorro as a separate project. There’s no ETA for that work, yet.

11.1. Running the processor

To run the processor using the processor configuration, do:

$ docker-compose up processor

That will bring up all the services the processor requires to run and start the processor using the /app/docker/run_processor.sh script and the processor configuration.

To ease debugging in the container, you can run a shell:

$ docker-compose run processor /bin/bash

Then you can start and stop the processor and tweak files and all that jazz.


The stackwalk binaries are in /stackwalk in the container.

11.2. Troubleshooting

journalctl is a good place to look for Socorro logs, especially if services are not starting up or are crashing.

Socorro supports syslog and raven for application-level logging of all services (including web services).